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Direct Mailing Lists offers more than 15 targetable direct mailing lists databases, all with highly qualified leads that enable you to purchase mailing lists directly, online.

Consumer Leads:  ConsumerVision is one of the most selectable and deliverable databases with over 110 million individuals and 220 million households including Exact Age, Household Income, Ethnicity and almost 500 other selectable criteria.

Mortgage Leads:  Buy affordable non-credit bureau based hotline mortgage and refinance lead opportunities.


Business New Connects:  The Business New Connect File is created from our raw feed of New Phone Connects/Disconnects. Home businesses as well as standard business locations can be selected.
There are approximately 135,000 New Business Connects/Disconnects added to this file weekly.

Ailment Data:   The business challenges in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are numerous and complex. That's why companies turn to Ailment/Rx for fresh, accurate data from one of the industry's most reliable consumer databases for prescription and health-related information. This is a database of self-reported information through online and offline medical and lifestyle surveys with individuals' health concerns and use of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. The data compilation methods are compliant with HIPAA marketing guidelines.


For those of you who are new to Direct Marketing, here is a Glossary of Direct Mail Terms for your convenience.

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Ask the DCSListGuy to find the perfect opt-in email list for your marketing needs. If you don't see it here on this page, he'll check with his network of trusted providers to find you the right e-mail list to fit your marketing audience.

Specialty email lists are not available to run counts and purchase on line. For specialty consumer and business email lists, we ask that you submit a count request to ask for the list you are looking for.  We will then research the best sources available and get you counts
and pricing.

42+ years of Direct Marketing expertise and 15+ years of Internet Marketing know how are ready to help you find the right email solution.

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