eMarketing and Web Services

eMarketingDCS Marketing Solutions LLC (The Parent Company of GreatMailingLists.com) offers  eMarketing and Website Services to enable marketers to do better, smarter and more efficient eBusiness today.

Our staff has been working with many of our emarketing services partners for over ten years...a lifetime in the eworld!  The subsequent rapport enables us to find the very best solution for each of our clients.

List of eServices Offered

Lead Generation - multi-channel acquisition.

Email Append (Business and Consumer).

Reverse Email Append - Consumer only.  Appending postal address from matched email address.

ECOA -  provides new email addresses for people that have moved, changed jobs, added extra email addresses or changed their Internet Service Provider.

List Hygiene - detect and correct undeliverable email addresses on your file.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Drive non-paid search traffic to your website.

PPC (Paid Search) - Drive paid traffic to your site thru search engines.

Website Design - Cost effective marketing website built from design conceptualization thru deployment.

Website Hosting - Providing virtually 100% up-time visibility for websites.


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