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Email Append

Boost sales and reduce costs by marketing to your current customers through email.  You've built a great database of your customers' and prospects' direct mail information. Now you want to start marketing to them via the Web, but you don't have their email addresses...Add current, 100% opted-in permission-based email addresses to your business or consumer residential databases with DCS Marketing Solutions LLC eAppend+ multi-append service.

Email Append is a data enhancement service that accurately matches and appends deliverable email addresses to your customers' records. Our appending helps you find a significant percentage of your missing email addresses - among the highest rate in the industry. DCS offers unparalleled match rates and data accuracy.  Our multi-supplier approach to data sourcing, and our extensive partner hygiene and scrubbing processes provide a 100% deliverable result.

Here's How It Works

  • Send your Consumer Resident or Business file via FTP to the address supplied to you by us.
  • Your file is passed thru a hygiene process to ensure uniform address protocol and then run against the append database for postal address matching. 
  • Matches will have the email address added to the record file and non-matches will run against secondary append bases to maximize matching.
  • We then send a client provided permission message to the matches.
  • We wait a week to enable those who wish to opt-out to have ample time to do so, then collect the data and return the deliverable matches to you for your implementation.

Reverse Email Append

If you have email addresses, and are looking to identify the correct postal address to send direct mail correspondence to, then Reverse Email Append will enhance your database by adding name and postal address to your online customer file.  

Reverse Email Append will open up new channels of marketing, enable you to target campaigns more effectively and increase your response rates!

The matching process is ostensibly the same as in an email append, only instead of using postal address as the matching criteria, email address is used.  Once the file is matched, the matches are returned to you.  There is no "permission" message sent with postal matching.

ECOA (Email Change of Address)

Every year more than 30% of email addresses become undeliverable according to Industry research.

Our ECOA Service can quickly update your undeliverable email addresses.  Don't lose the ability to communicate with your customers through email as your customers change their email addresses.

ECOA provides new email addresses for people that have moved, changed jobs, added extra email addresses or changed their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The Process Is painless:

  • Simply send us a file of your undeliverable email addresses.
  • We will accurately match and append all updated email addresses.
  • A "Welcome Back" email to your customers on your behalf allowing you to communicate with them at their new address.
  • DCS will return your file with deliverable email addresses appended.

Email List Hygiene

DCS Marketing Solutions LLC can provide list-cleansing services for your company's retention or acquisition email lists. The list hygiene will:

  • correct format and syntax errors,
  • correct invalid domains,
  • flag expired domains,
  • flag known "bad" addresses for suppression.


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