Web Site Design and Hosting

In order to offer our customers a comprehensive selection of business communication opportunities, DCS Marketing, LLC. has taken on a strategic partner to provide a full range of website, email and website marketing services.

Website Design

Our unique team approach to Website Design blends the disciplines of graphic arts, web programming, and business intelligence together to create a state of the art website designed to give you a competitive advantage in internet marketing.

Our innovative Design Team utilizes the latest in Internet technologies, including Flash, ColdFusion, ASP (Active Server Pages), or JavaScript to successfully blend these three elements into an effective Internet presence. Incorporating creative design with advanced programming and common sense creates an effective Internet presence that will reflect your business' goals and objectives without exceeding your budget.

We can incorporate creative design, animation, audio, Flash, video, and/or interactivity to allow your company to stand out in the crowd.

Website Hosting

Our website hosting offers reliability, performance, and intensive client service and support. Our commercial clustered shared-hosting on Microsoft Windows Advanced Servers in unequalled in the country. All of our bandwidth is available and open to your website which is clustered on multiple web servers for balance and failover by redundant Coyote Load Balancers. Edge security is powered by Astaro Firewalls and constantly monitored. When you need e-commerce or advanced programming, we maintain the secure servers and off-line databases you need.

Our Data Center uses cutting edge technology to constantly monitor all servers, Cisco routers, and our redundant fiber Internet backbone connection to ensure optimum running efficiency and reliability. The entire network is connected to a series of UPS' (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that filter all power to the servers and our 40KW natural gas generator assures the servers will continue running with no external power. The Data Center has strictly controlled physical access and the environment is constantly regulated to control the temperature and humidity levels.

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