Consulting Services

Want to Grow Your Business?

Get help putting direct marketing to work for your business, or improve your direct marketing results.  With over 31 years experience in the list management, list brokerage, list database and e-marketing list services marketplaces, Doug Sauerhaft's knowledge, expertise, vast network of contacts, and innovative approach to marketing solutions can help you grow your local, regional or national business.

The A,B,C's

A. We work with you to analyze your customer base to determine who your primary and secondary customers are. 

B. We create profiles for each, and do recommendations to identify lists with like characteristics.

C. We develop a marketing campaign (within your pre-determined budget) and buy mailing lists or other appropriate media, we execute it, measure it and make any necessary adjustments to maximize opportunity.

Today, Doug works with clients large and small to help them develop a marketing strategy, and exceed it. His success is his client's success.

Success starts one satisfied customer at a time.

If you want a hands on approach from someone who genuinely cares if you succeed, then the DCSListGuy is your direct marketing advocate.