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Business and MLM Opportunity Seekers Email and Postal List from

Total Universe   18,500,000              $90.00/M (Inquire for specific volume pricing) 

  40,000   1 Month Recency

120,000   3 Month Recency

Minimum Order Size for -- Purchase = 15,000 ; deployment = 25,000                                                                        

The Business and MLM Opportunity Seekers Email and Postal Database is comprised of individuals who have opted-in online looking to get involved in a business opportunity and/or multi-level marketing opportunity. These individuals respond well to branded offers such as Pre-Paid Legal, Ameriplan, HerbaLife, MaryKay, AVON, and even Medical Billing.  The data is collected via direct email marketing, banners and co-registration. We aggregate full fields - first and last name, address including zip, email, phone, date/time stamp and ip address.

Gender:  Male 60%, Female 40%

SELECTIONS:  ***All Selections NO CHARGE thru 2013***

Recency:  1 or 3 Month Recency +$10/M; Geography +$5/M; Investment Type +$5/M; Household Income +5/M; Net Worth +$5/M; Age +$5/M; Gender +$5/M; Martial Status +$5/M; Mail Order Buyer +$5/M; Magazine Subscribers +$5/M; Computer Owner +$5/M; Donor +$5/M; Ethnicity +$5/M; Religion +$5/M; Book Buyer +$5/M; Home Owner +$5/M; Length of Residence +$5/M; Presence of Children +$5/M; Age of Child Present +$5/M;   Telephones +$25/M.


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