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Do I Need a Good Call to Action in My Direct Marketing Pieces?

Posted by Doug Sauerhaft on Mar 10, 2008 8:40:00 PM
  1. The list is who you are talking to.
  2. The offer is a great deal you have for them,
  3. A call action is the close.
Thus, the call to action is what it is you are trying to get the prospect to do.

Don't ASSUME! Just because it is logical to you that they should look-up your website address or call your phone number, NEVER leave it to your prospect to make that connection!!!

Often times I will see someone put together a beautiful mailing piece, but because their call to action is not clear, their mailing falls on its face. It is not so much that people don't realize they can call your phone or visit your website, it's just that unless you actually ask people to do so, they don't.

The Art of the Call to Action

We've all received pieces of mail that want us to do something. And they're typically covered with act now, supplies are limited, this is a limited time offer, this offer expires soon, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and so long. You probably ask yourself why do these people still do this? Everybody knows the limited time offer is probably a million years. Why do people still use this language in direct mail pieces? Because the simple truth is that these words increase the response of mail pieces.

Tell them what to do.

One trick to a good call to action is to use action words. Hurry, for a limited time, act now, etc... And so on. These words are good motivators, they get people moving. Traditionally in one step mailings - where you are trying to get someone to order something after reading your piece - the call to action revolves around the order form.

If you push everything, people end up doing nothing. Instead focus on something very specific you want people to do and dedicate all the energy of the mailing be getting them to do it.

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